Editor In Chief

Editor In Chief

CityScope is a Local News product and information portal covering positive local and inspiring citizen stories. We don't just want to cover 'Breaking News', instead we focus more on what’s important for you, no clutter. Our aim is to bridge information gaps between mainstream news reports, and city-specific developments. We marry content with real world facts, explaining the hard boring jargon and putting it in the context of your life. We are building a community of informed citizens who make the best decisions for themselves, eliminating lies and misinformation. Join us.


We are looking for Content Lead to join the early team at CityScope. You will be working on an innovative information portal that you will help shape in many ways. You will be leading the Content functions for the team and help build the team according to best practices.


  • Managing the day to day operations of the content department. Creating and managing the content calendar and ensuring it is executed. Creating Guidelines and setting processes for zero-error content creation, and setting QA/review processes. Managing creative content quality control, packaging and delivery
  • Supervising and cultivating quality work as per company’s vision for internal content team. The content lead will be expected to set the strategic vision and direction for the content side of the product
  • Ability to create, edit and execute video production is a major plus
  • Create a strong process and project management approach to significantly scale up quality and quantum of content, and manage the different stages of the product
  • Social media campaign strategy and management for all social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Experience with social media engagement strategies and best practices
  • Research and development of content for articles, social media pages and so on. Stay up to date and follow industry trends and news.
  • Stay abreast of current best practices in the industry and review competitor websites/products to compare their activities with those of your company
  • Strong skills in creating original content that targets a specific audience and meets company objective
  • Excellent verbal communication skills with a good command of the English language. Advanced written communication skills and an ability to read copy in English
  • Good at spotting potential talent.

In addition, to your core skills as a writer and editor, a combination of some of these attributes is desirable in candidates -

  • Willingness to constantly learn & evolve
  • Everyone has biases. You are able to separate yourself from the content and provide a balanced view
  • Be able to accept constructive criticism and take it in your stride
  • Ability to read the room and ask the right questions
  • Integrity, conviction, and willingness to take a stand and challenge the status quo
  • Eye for credible content and to identify BS
  • An Ability to condense complicated data to insights
  • Empathy, good listening skills and clear communication lines
  • Fiercely passionate about what you believe in

What you will get

  • A truly fulfilling learning experience where you are given the tools to do your best work
  • A competitive compensation
  • Access to subscriptions for courses and top data, news and knowledge portals for your learning curve
  • Subscription to a Wellness, Mindfulness or mental health app of your choice

We would love for you to bring your rawness and originality to your work. Looking for valuable learning gigs that have shaped you, fresh writing/perspectives, and authenticity.

Please reach out with

  • Your writing samples, designs, or any other creative work
  • Some info on your work experience, skills, and what you are really good at
  • An issue that you feel is most important to India right now and what worries you the most about our country.

We can elaborate on the more important stuff in the first conversation. Please reach out on manit@analog.ventures for any feedback or questions.

Look forward to making this a worthwhile experience for you and Analog in every way possible.