This note serves the purpose of articulating and communicating the philosophy and

transformation strategy of Cityscope to various stakeholders, including the internal team

of Cityscope.

About Cityscope

Cityscope focuses on filling up the gaps between mainstream news reports and city-specific developments to promote active citizenship among citizens. On the platform, hyper-local content will be shared in the form of news briefs, collections, stories & pieces and we also curate and list down unique experiences, local businesses, homegrown brands and city resources to enable commerce and empower entrepreneurs.


i. Democratisation and decentralisation of content and information at media institutions domain to facilitate inclusive, sustainable and responsive governance;

ii. Facilitate democratic dialogues and exchanging of regional ideas and values at the community level;

iii. Providing City Intelligence with the idea of, from the people and for the people.

iv. Establishing marketplace and experiences

v. Leverage research and data science to support the above.


Cityscope practices an integrated approach of positive, citizen centric and relevant information for an individual and community for regional development. To develop an expansive understanding of this approach, it is necessary that we expand on the understanding of citizen behaviour, transformation and purpose of information.

Regional Information

It is always very interesting that we get to know about the whole world from one place, and the web, satellites network, electronic-print media and others put down their best efforts to showcase the same. Have you ever thought about it?What is Regional Information and why is it always relevant?

Regional - affecting a particular region (according to merriam-webster definition)But how regional relates to affecting a particular region. It might be people, who uphold primarily localised cultural values-ethics within the particular geographical area and pride of their ethnicity, history and other beliefs. In this era of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation the migration of people has been increased in last three decades and probably the millennials are the last ones who connects themselves with this transition from Vividh Bharti and Community Radio culture to OTT platforms where you get to know everything about of your choice, the best of the world, but not of your region, there is now scarcity of well curated local actionable-relevant and entertaining info in the larger domain while having the larger audience presence.

Here, we (Cityscope) works to inform people about their surroundings with daily updates, curated recommendations and resources, positive-noteworthy stories with journals, in the form of articles and audio-video content.

Hence, this may be leads to citizens towards awareness of their region and make them actionable for their own and society where they live in involving,

I.  Changes in the attitudes and mindsets of people, organisation and institutions;

ii. Shifts in their perspective of understanding relations between various players in the

system, between individuals and the system, and between the system players and the

community; and

iii. Transformation of work ethic, culture and values.

Information and Commerce Objectives

Before diving into the realm of hyperlocal content and economy, it is important to understand the objective and underlying value principles which shape the objective. In our understanding, the objectives for localised information and commerce can be broadly bucketed into 3 categories.

  • Information and Commerce for the interests of certain groups
  • Solution-oriented information for improved resources, recommendations, marketplace, cityguide, and so on. For instance resources for a larger group of job seekers, sectoral incentives and subsidies available in your region with a simplified approach to achieve, daily updates and top stories of your city, etc.
  • Enabling marketplace and experiences for local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Transformation and Change

The need for transformation stems from the realization that inefficiencies at different levels of media institutions (from the point of view: lack of transparency and accountability) are a result of very less participation of people in providing information and high dependency on mainstream media houses to reflect the ground situation. This can be improved through the technocratic discourse of market reforms, privatization, digitization, new technologies and business models without discounting their value, but at the same time makes people connected and provide inclusiveness in society and a sense of belonging.

Structural issues are deep-rooted into complex social, economic and historical contexts.

Transformation, often, cannot be achieved without the conscious awakening of

citizens, communities and society. Through it can evolve political transformation, seeding demand and action for structural transformation.

Seeding change needs the commitment of the masses to the struggle and the

building of the critical consciousness of those who engage in the struggle. The latter is a Political change in this context that has very little connection with electoral politics. Its domain is the consciousness of individuals, groups, institutions, and how they engage with each other. In our understanding, governance includes the domain of law, policy, institutions, and their engagement with stakeholders (especially citizens).

Continuous process of exploration as the participants shall discover pathways rather than being absorbed by the rigidity and binary of solutions.

Cityscope always gives priority to noteworthy-positive stories, and actionable data analytics information which may inspire anyone to participate in the positive change happening.

Philosophy of Cityscope

The initiative, whilst it was inspired by the potential of regional information and commerce, is increasingly shaped by a desire for transformative change. Hence, the thrust of the organization is increasingly on true participation of City Contributors.

Short-term and Long-term objectives

Structural transformation and change are an arduous, uncertain and long-term

process. Cityscope engages across all three categories of localised information and commerce mentioned above.

  • Cityscope seeks to work for interest based communities within the city and imagining of reflecting values of larger audience and other networks of similar interests.
  • Facilitates substantive and critical understanding of governance failures, issues and challenges, while also enabling grassroots partnerships and coalitions. Typical engagement includes capturing evidence for researched and investigative journalism, capacity building of grassroots organisations and community champions.
  • Enabling a marketplace with market champions, homegrown brands and unique small businesses of the city.
  • Providing unique experiences and creating a city intelligence with all the necessary dynamics and static information of the city.