1/First principle thinking

First principles thinking is a mode of inquiry stolen from physics designed to relentlessly pursue the foundations of any given problem from fundamental truths.

Elon has deployed this thinking strategy to give himself an unfair advantage when developing new batteries. First principles is kind of a physics way of looking at the world. You boil things down to the most fundamental truths and say, “What are we sure is true?” … and then reason up from there.

First principle thinking works so well because it gives us a proven strategy for editing out complexity, while also allowing entrepreneurs to sidestep the tide of popular opinion.

/Transparency and clear lines of communication

/Meritocracy - best ideas with coupled with an execution brief Remove hierarchies in some way

/Contrarian Thinking is welcome

5/You should be able to agree to disagree and be cool with it and work together. Have civil discussions, hear each other out and listen.

/Never settle

Acknowledge wins and losses, but always push comfort zones. Go above and beyond.

One Title Company

Everyone who contributes towards the product is called a product designer. Doesn’t matter if he/she is an illustrator or a graphic designer or something else. Likewise for content creator, curator, and so on.

The most important trait is to be curious, & being open to learning.The philosophy is it may not work for mass product but may work for products which are being made for a dedicated walk of society.

'if you’re not speaking up you’re implicitly saying everything’s good'.

Working at analog might turn out to be hard, but it’s important that it be fun too! We won’t succeed unless we all do great work, and it’s impossible to do great work unless you’re feeling inspired and enjoying yourself.